Heraldic tent at the 139th annual Scottish Games held by the Caledonian Club of San Francisco in Pleasanton, California (September 4-5, 2004)

Heraldry Society of Scotland members Kenneth McAlpine, Guy Power and Michael McCartney

Guy Power holding up his pennon. His motto is "Follow Me." You can also see his helm and a shield of his arms that he painted

Another pennon featuring the undifferenced Irish arms of Guy's father, Raleigh Power

Kenneth McAlpine with a banner featuring his arms on display in the adjacent Clan MacAlpine Society tent

Another banner of Ken's arms flying above the Clan MacAlpine Society tent


Some of Artwork brought by Mike on display, including a version of his own arms on the extreme left


More artwork brought by Mike


Banner of arms of Randal Massey of Dunham, Chairman and CEO of the Society of Scottish Armigers

Randal's guidon featuring his demi-pegasus crest. The guidon is assigned by the Lord Lyon to non-baronial lairds who have a following. It has a background of Randal's livery colors and his motto is lettered horizontally in the fly

Another view of Randal's guidon. I believe the motto reads "Pro Libertate Patriae"


Randal's armorial pipe banner


A painted shield of Sebastian Nelson's arms


An interesting homemade tabard in the nearby Clan Chattan Society tent featuring a version of the Chattan arms


Another view of the Chattan tabard next to a very cute plush toy. No doubt an allusion to the wildcat in the Chattan crest